Bence Hunor, Noszlopi

Software Engineer, Entrepreneur, Business developer

Strong knowledge in both object oriented and functional programming.
Applying design patterns, clean code and sensible architecture. TDD mindset.
Continuous learning and ambitious attitude in any roles.

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Uni. YBL - Architecture (BSc 1y)
CSB - Software Developer (Cert.)
Uni. ELTE - Computer Science (BSc)


Part-time Projects (8-40hrs/week, few mentions)

  • smitd
    • PHP, Wordpress, Unity, C#, Java
  • inkadvise
    • Python, Django, React, AWS, Docker
  • minetaur
    • Python, Flask, Ruby, Rust, PHP, GCP
  • dropcannon
    • Python, Flask, Django, Pytorch, AWS
  • socialgarage
    • Figma, Miro
  • ttinfo
    • Wordpress, Woocommerce, Laravel, PHP, React, Preact
  • stageground
    • Go, Gin, Vue.js, DigitalOcean, Docker
  • Szia Group kft. - “sziabar HQ” Project
    • Ruby, Rails, Docker, Heroku, Electron

51 Projects, 8917+ hrs

Full-time Projects (40+hrs/week)

  • OL Munkaido kft.
    • PHP, Smarty, JS
  • Future Media kft.
    • PHP, JS
  • AvenData GmbH.
    • C#, SQL & NoSQL
  • SE Hungary kft.
    • PHP, Wordpress
  • Biroda kft.
    • Ruby
  • Terracycle Inc. - “Core” Project
    • Ruby, Rails, React, Heroku
  • Terracycle Inc. - “Global Recycling Database” Project
    • Ruby, Rails, React, Heroku
  • Direkt36 Nonprofit kft.
    • Ruby, Rails, Angular.js, Heroku
  • 220Volt hungary kft.
    • Ruby, Rails, Vue.js
  • GhostMonitor Inc. (Recart)
    • Node.js, Koa, React, Go, AWS
  • Block Network OÜ. (Blockben)
    • Node.js, TS, Fastify, Angular, GCP
  • Array LLC.
    • Python, Django, Falcon, Go, Echo
  • Deutsche Telekom AG.
    • Ruby, Rails, Docker, Kubernetes
  • DynamiCare Health Inc.
    • Ruby, Rails, React, React Native, Docker, AWS

13 Years

Knowledge pool

Languages with years actively used:

JS (13), Ruby (7), GO (4), Python (4), C# (2), PHP (3), C (1), C++ (1), Java (1)

Related frameworks & technologies:

Rails, Sinatra, Jekyll, Django, Flask, Maven, Vue.js, Angular.js, Laravel,
Express, React, Echo, Gin

Design tools:

Sketch, Photoshop, GIMP, Affinity Designer, Illustrator, InDesign, XD, Autocad, Figma


CircleCI, GitlabCI, TravisCI, Codeship, Cucumber, Siege, Docker, Kubernetes,
Swarm, Heroku, AWS, GCP, DigitalOcean droplets, Datadog, Sentry

Current interests

  • AI
  • BigData
  • Blockchain, Encryption technologies
  • Team development, remote team management
  • Business development

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