CV (long version)

Bence Hunor, Noszlopi

Software Engineer, Entrepreneur, Business developer

Strong knowledge in both object oriented and functional programming.
Applying design patterns, clean code and sensible architecture. TDD mindset.
Continuous learning and ambitious attitude in any roles.

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Uni. YBL - Architecture (BSc 1y)
CSB - Software Developer (Cert.)
Uni. ELTE - Computer Science (BSc)


Part-time Projects (8-40hrs/week, few mentions)

  • smitd
    • PHP, Wordpress, Unity, C#, Java
    Full-stack developer for a startup, created a few Wordpress sites, themes, plugins etc. Took part in the development of an isometric game with Unity engine (C#).
  • inkadvise
    • Python, Django, React, AWS, Docker
    Full-stack developer for a startup, to make a social-marketing platform for tattoo designers, built with React and Django.
  • minetaur
    • Python, Flask, Ruby, Rust, PHP, GCP
    Full-stack developer and product strategist in a fintech crypto-startup which would create a hardware renting platform (GPU, ASIC), shared mining pool, investment and exchange platform. Applying various open source technologies, coding in python, ruby, rust, php.
  • dropcannon
    • Python, Flask, Django, Pytorch, AWS
    Developer on a daily trade service that can follow changes in stock and currency prices written in python. We used Flask framework, Amazon services like EKS, RDS and MQ as message broker. Played around with PyTorch and Tensorflow to create a viable anomaly detector.
  • socialgarage
    • Figma, Miro
    Product architect on a social-marketing and trading platform for car owners and collectors made with Laravel.
  • ttinfo
    • Wordpress, Woocommerce, Laravel, PHP, React, Preact
    Developer on a Laravel service with (P)React front-end + intergration to Woocommerce.
  • stageground
    • Go, Gin, Vue.js, DigitalOcean, Docker
    Full-stack Developer on a venue-management software made with GO (Gin) back-end and Vue.js front-end.
  • Szia Group kft. - “sziabar HQ” Project
    • Ruby, Rails, Docker, Heroku, Electron
    Created a landing page, POS/sales analytics, table-reservation system, multiple price scrapers for alcohol/ingredients for my restaurant I opened in 2021.

51 Projects, 8917+ hrs

Full-time Projects (40+hrs/week)

  • OL Munkaido kft.
    • PHP, Smarty, JS
    Full-stack software engineer on a workflow and time tracking software-bundle created with Smarty template engine (PHP), sass and several js technologies. This is where I got familiar with Scrum.
  • Future Media kft.
    • PHP, JS
    Full-stack software engineer on a clothing webshop. I was mostly working on back-end tasks related to invoice automation, model updates and authentication.
  • AvenData GmbH.
    • C#, SQL & NoSQL
    Database architect / Bigdata analyst / Software engineer. Working mostly with .NET and C#. Migrating, archiving databases, re-writing database specific features (SAP, MySQL, PL/SQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL). Tasks also included communication with the company’s clients about their requirements (Nestle, Volkswagen, IKB). Also held trainings on a few topics like version control (GIT, BitBucket, SourceTree), JIRA, Scrum and PL/SQL to juniors.
  • SE Hungary kft.
    • PHP, Wordpress
    Full-stack software engineer on 3 smaller php services. I also worked on several front-end issues, created a Wordpress widget, refactored from css to scss.
  • Biroda kft.
    • Ruby
    Participated in many small and medium sized projects, from blogs to e-commerce apps in an outsourcing company with Ruby as their main profile.
  • Terracycle Inc. - “Core” Project
    • Ruby, Rails, React, Heroku
    Full-stack software engineer on a second, multilingual and country dependent version of an existing Rails app that had 18+ versions in production simultaneously. My tasks included upgrading admin functions related to translations, user privilages and authorization. Migration from MySQL to PostgreSQL for Heroku integration. Fixing frontend bugs (React), integration of Hotjar and Facebook pixel. Working with several google APIs.
  • Terracycle Inc. - “Global Recycling Database” Project
    • Ruby, Rails, React, Heroku
    Full-stack software engineer on an other Terracycle project. A map implementation where you can search for all available drop-off points of all kinds of recyclable material. The stack is React and Rails but I was working mainly on back-end issues.
  • Direkt36 Nonprofit kft.
    • Ruby, Rails, Angular.js, Heroku
    Full-stack software engineer on a microservice that provides an API interface for commenting, comment supervision, and user management. It was built with Angular.js and Rails.
  • 220Volt hungary kft.
    • Ruby, Rails, Vue.js
    Software engineer on a green field project with Vue.js and Nuxt.js front-end frameworks paired with Rails running on Docker. Its purpose is to recreate the faulty and unmaintainable old PHP version. Built from zero, we had to create a whole new datastructure for the legacy data, implement and optimize all previous business logic and workflow.
  • GhostMonitor Inc. (Recart)
    • Node.js, Koa, React, Go, AWS
    Senior software engineer on a messenger marketing solution for e-commerce platforms (Shopify, Woocommerce) on a distributed microservice mesh. With NodeJS and Go as back-end and React as front-end. Applying the latest standards of the developer community on system architecture and development pipeline. As a part of a team, our focus was tracking, reporting, integrations and billing.
  • Block Network OÜ. (Blockben)
    • Node.js, TS, Fastify, Angular, GCP
    Senior full-stack software engineer at a fintech company. Creating enterprise blockchain based solutions and implementing financial workflows with various technologies like fastify (TS) on the back-end and Angular on the front-end.
  • Array LLC.
    • Python, Django, Falcon, Go, Echo
    As a Senior software engineer at a company selling b2b solutions for consumer credit data in the US, my tasks included rewriting Pyhton and Node services in Go (Echo), optimising Go code and data fetching from mssql stored procs, dockerizing services, building CI/CD pipelines.
  • Deutsche Telekom AG.
    • Ruby, Rails, Docker, Kubernetes
    Senior software engineer in corporation with PrimeHammer SRO. and Acht S GmbH, working on Telekom's sales platform and employee reward/benefits system.
  • DynamiCare Health Inc.
    • Ruby, Rails, React, React Native, Docker, AWS
    Senior software engineer in corporation with Bene Studio, working on DynamiCare's digital substance prevention platform. Among other tasks I have prepared a "proof of concept" application to store and share COVID-19 related data. Applying many international security protocols (including HIPAA).
  • NutriSystem Technology Inc.
    • Ruby, Rails, Go, Elixir, Laravel, Docker, AWS
    Senior software solutions architect in corporation with Code and Soda, working on revamping NutriSystem's software architecture and CI-CD pipeline. Creating new features in ruby, elixir, go and php, also migrating features across services and stacks. My tasks also included supporting the devops team and the offshore engineering team.
  • Zipcar Inc.
    • Ruby, Rails, Java, Kotlin
    Senior software engineer in corporation with Netguru, working at Zipcar's billing team. My tasks mostly included tolls and violations related changes and my main project was to renew the automated customer conversation steps on car-rent related extra charges.

15 Years

Knowledge pool

Languages with years actively used:

JS (14), Ruby (8), GO (5), Python (5), Java & Kotlin (5), PHP (3), Rust (2), C# (2) C (1), C++ (1)

Related frameworks & technologies:

Rails, Sinatra, Jekyll, Django, Flask, Maven, Vue.js, Angular.js, Laravel,
Express, React, Echo, Gin

Design tools:

Sketch, Photoshop, GIMP, Affinity Designer, Illustrator, Inkscape, InDesign, XD, Autocad, Figma


CircleCI, GitlabCI, TravisCI, Codeship, Cucumber, Siege, Docker, Kubernetes,
Swarm, Heroku, AWS, GCP, DigitalOcean droplets, Datadog, Sentry, NewRelic, Jenkins

Current interests

  • AI
  • BigData
  • Blockchain, Encryption technologies
  • Team development, remote team management
  • Business development

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